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• Any user is not Allowed to SPAM or Abuse in this site, in this case your ID can be block for next 72 hours,
•Uploading of PORN & VULGAR PHOTOS is strictly not allowed.Anyone doing so will be automatically banned for the longest time.
• if you need any help or information, then Contact Mobo Team Members,
• If any anybody Disturb you in private Messages, then report the same message to Mobo Team .After Mobo Team reads your Report Message, they will block the Disturber user,
• If any user disturb you in Forum or Chat Room then Report to Mobo PFC Team Members,
• We do not take Action for copypasted message, Please Note this.
• If you will spend the most time in forum or in chat and will invite more users to join
Then we can Add you in Mobo Team Member;
• MOBO PFC Always keeps making new Competitions for your Enjoyment, And in these Competitions you can get unlimited Mobo Points,
• For More Entertainment and fun, Mobopfc has Added more informations in forum.! It will improve your knowledge . .!
• Do not make fake id to Disturb other users.! If we Warning you for this, and after that you do same again, then your IP Address will be block,

• Owners of this site are previlaged to do anything with or without reason, they have the right to change rules anytime.

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